May you live in interesting times. To some, this is a curse. After the recent events that shook Magnimar, Korvosa and Riddleport, many people in Varisia would agree with that.

Sandpoint, a small town a day’s ride north of Magnimar, became the target of a mad young woman’s vengeance. These events ultimately led to the uncovering of a murder cult in Magnimar, thwarting a giant invasion of the lowlands, and defeating Karzoug, Runelord of Greed, in a face-to-face confrontation.

Meanwhile, King Eodred Arabasti II of Korvosa, finally died of what was thought to be a prolonged illness. His young bride, Ileosa, took the Crimson Throne admist the angry clamour of the people. What followed was plague, terror & death, all leading to the mad queen’s attempt to ascend to become the next Runelord of Lust.

In Riddleport, it was all plots and murder, until finally, the truth behind the shadow in the sky over the city was revealed. A falling star, called down my fell magic, struck the Devil’s Elbow out in the Varisian Gulf. Those who hurried to seek out skymetal instead found terror, and in many cases, death. Rumors of malevolent black-skinned elves still persist, though many scoff at the notion. Perhaps somewhat nervously.

In all of these cases, heroes came forward to face these threats. Some fell, some prevailed, but in the end the terrors that loomed over the common people of Varisia were defeated. In each case, there was a price. Innocents suffered and died. Graves mark the final resting places of those heroes who were struck down. Much work remained to be done after the danger passed to return life to normal.

And Varisia remains home to several of these triumphant heroes. Their stories didn’t end with the fall of whatever evil it was that pulled them into epic conflicts and life threatening adventure.

Varisia MN

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