Varisia MN

Battling the Dead

Calling upon the power of his goddess, Aten unleashed a firey cloud upon the assembled undead. They immediately scattered, attempting to escape a burning doom, but they had no where to run to, trapped as they were. The ball of grey energy seemed to grow agitated, then it lashed out at one of the undead, the arc of energy repairing some of the damage it had suffered. Torgisl added his own sorcerous might to the attack, launching a ball of fire into the room.

Abruptly, the assembled undead rallied & rushed the bars keeping them from the party. With surprising strength, they pulled the bars of ice away, before Aten directed the burnning cloud to engulf them again. After a moment, two of the undead rushed the party from the cloud, their bodies horribly damaged & charred. They unleashed their cones of cold on the party before Sind stepped forward & struck them both down.

To everyone’s surprise & mounting concern, the ball of grey energy flew out of the cloud of fire. It lashed out at Aten, striking him & draining away some of his life force. The party retaliated, & a brief melee ensued. The ball released a pulse of negative energy that struck the entire party, then Drimgar unleashed a torrent of arrows upon this strange creature. As the last arrow found its mark, the ball exploded, engulfing everyone in negative energy. Though wounded, everyone survived.

Once the party sorted itself out, they entered the strange, round chamber. The room was practically destroyed, the ice bars that had contained the ball of negative energy melted. Incongruously, an alcove containing a throne of ice set with 5 sets of chains remained completely untouched. Approaching the alcove, the party quickly discovered why, as the magics protecting them from the deadly temperatures of the tomb abruptly stopped working & deathly cold tore the very air from their lungs. A brief examination of the throne revealed that a sixth length of chain had been prized from the ice, & each chain had 27 links.

Moving on, the party chose to first explore through the door across from the throne. They found themselves on a ledge in a 160 foot chasm. Under a layer of ice at least a foot thick, they could see the bodies of hundreds of chained soldiers. Icireal & Aten attempted to fly upwards, intent on exploring further up the chasm. They were immediately attacked by insubstantial, shadowy arms from the ice, whose freezing touch drained away one’s strength. Aten’s divine power only provided a momentary respite, while Torgisl’s magic assault did nothing at all. Deciding that this haunt was too dangerous & powerful, the party returned to the previous room.

With only one more exit from the room, the party went down a relatively short corridor that ended at a door. Beond was a room set up as a dining room, with several bookshelves full of ancient books. While the rest of the group explored the rest of the room, Sind started to examine 5 doors set in the room’s far wall. As he listened at the second door, a ghostly hand reached through it to attack. As Sind backed away, through each door stepped a large, incorporeal spirit that Aten identified as dread wraiths.

Largely unprepared for this type of foe, Sind led a withdrawal from the room, while Torgisl created a wall of magical force to hold the wraiths back. Protected from their deadly touch by his magic, Aten brought up the rear. The rest of the party seeking the relative safety of the anti-magic field around the throne, Aten activated a nimbus of light damaging to the undead & turned to meet the wraiths. Braving the damaging light, the first wraith attacked, only to find its touch was useless. On seeing this, the other 4 wraiths withdrew. Before the last wraith could flee, Aten unleashed his most powerful healing spell upon it, causing it to shriek in unearthly pain before it fled.

Even as he turned towards the party with a triumphant look on his face, a nabasu demon teleported in front of him. No doubt the hand of Sarenrae herself reached down to protect her servant, as the nabasu’s attack proved ineffective to an almost comic degree. The nabasu immediately fled; one might have thought out of embarrassment as for any other reason.

After waiting for several moments in the alcove, enduring deadly cold, the party concluded the wraiths were gone & fled back up to the necropolis above. They sought out one of the buildings they had previously opened, the hunkered down within to tend to their wounds.



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