Varisia MN


The fate of the torc revealed.

Having secured the Torc of Kostchtchie, the party departed from the Witch Clock with the torc safely tucked away inside a portable hole. They left the unconscious granddaughter of Queen Elvanna in the clock with her familiar, still under the influence of Torgisl’s spell. After tending to any wounds, Aten suggested bringing the torc to the great temple of Sarenrae in Sothis, the capital of his homeland Osirion. It was a simple matter for Torgisl to teleport the party there in just a few quick jumps.

When they arrived, they found the Burning Blades festival in full swing. It was decided that the torc would be safely held at Sarenrae’s temple until the culminaton of the festival, at which point Aten would summon Sarenrae’s herald, Sunlord Thalachos, to ask him to destroy or at least hide the torc. With ten days of festival ahead of them, the party went out to enjoy the sights and wonders of Sothis.

A few days into the festival, Queen Elvanna was finally able to discern their location. She immediately teleported an undead servant to Sothis to demand the torc. Of course, the demand was refused and a brutal, if brief, battle was joined. Aten was ultimately the one to destroy this powerful, ice encrusted abomination. After that, Elvanna bothered them no more. For now.

Sind also received a message from the temple of Abadar in Korvosa, saying that Queen Cressida Kroft had seemingly gone mad. She had banished all of the Korvosan Guard from Castle Korvosa and invited the Order of the Nail into the city. She was also demanding to see Sinderion. Sind promised to return as soon as he was able.

Finally, the day arrived and many of the powerful of Sothis arrived to see the summoning of Sarenrae’s herald, including the ruler of Osiron, Ruby Prince Khemet III. Aten was successful, making his request and offering his sword, the sign of his faith, as payment for the Sunlord hiding the torc in the outer planes. Thalachos also requested that Aten give his story to the temple, then left for the outer planes, taking the torc and Aten’s sword with him. As he departed, he warned that the servants of evil were close, having sensed the presence of the torc. The party walked to the door of the temple, gazing out into the crowded square, spotting a serpentine demoness just before she departed in a puff of snow and cold wind.

Aten chose to stay in Sothis a few more days, so that he could purchase a replacement sword. The rest of the group teleported back to Korvosa, to confront whatever awaited them there.



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