Varisia MN

Liberating the Crimson Throne...again.

More trouble in Korvosa.

The heroes, having dealt with the demonic Torc, teleported back to Korvosa thanks to Torgisl, the halfling sorcerer. Having been warned of Queen Cressida Kroft’s strange and irrational behavior, the group first sought out Alistair Frodel to get his take on the situation.

Shortly after the group had left for the lands of the north, Cressida had begun to behave in an increasingly erratic fashion. She replaced Sinderion Bromathan as Field Marshall of the Korvosan Guard, threatened trade relations with Janderhoff, asked the Order of the Nail to take over the security of Castle Korvosa and invited Glorio Arkona back to Korvosa so that he could level charges against the heroes for their attacks upon him and his holdings.

After getting this information, the group went to the temple of Sarenrae to plan their next move. While they discussed this, they met with several other key figures, including Bishop Keppira d’Bear and Commandant Bertrand Endrin. They advised speaking to the Order of the Nail to see if negotiation was possible, especially since Aten was informed that the Order had made a small number of attempts to get ahold of him while he was away. Grudgingly, the heroes agreed to speak to the Hellknights.

They went to the Longhouse, which was being used as temporary headquarters for the Order, and soon found themselves in the office of Lictor Severs “Boneclaw” DiViri. After a relatively short discussion, during which DiViri admitted that he was aware that Kroft was behaving in an extremely out of character fashion, the heroes managed to use some of the adamantine that they had collected to bribe the Hellknights into abandoning the city. DiViri had indicated that the Order had long been considering departing from Varisia to return to their homeland, though no timeline was forthcoming.

With that taken care of, the heroes teleported into Castle Korvosa’s throne room to confront Queen Kroft. They were quickly engaged by Lord Arkona and his retinue, and Aten used the power granted him by Sarenrae to drive out the evil that had possessed the Queen. Said evil proved to be that worm-like devil that they had confronted two years before when they deposed Queen Ileosa.

As the battle raged, other lesser devils joined the conflict, then undead seemingly at the command of a creature identified as a Worm that Walks. This creature indicated that it knew the heroes, and sought vengeance against them, though they weren’t sure who this creature might have originally been. Soon, the enemy forces lay dead or otherwise destroyed, except for the monstrous necromancer. Seeing his allies defeated, he simply dimension doored away, promising that his vengeance would come another day.

Alistair arrived with a number of Korvosan Guard, while Sable Company marines invaded the castle from the rooftops, and the place was quickly secured. After eliminating a flesh golem, the heroes found Neolandus Kalepopolis alive and only slightly the worse for wear. Then Queen Kroft got down to some business, first informing Sind that he was being permanently replaced as Field Marshall by Alistair. She then asked Sind if he would be willing to lead an official Korvosan expedition to fabled Xin-Shalast, to seek out the riches said to exist there, Lastly, to show the city that all was well again, Kroft planned an official ceremony to thank the heroes for once again coming to Korvosa’s aid in its time of need.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. Though a little bird did warn the heroes that winter was coming for them.



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