Varisia MN

Of giants, witches & the torc

Battle with the giants is immediately joined, with Icireal unleashing a cone of flame that engulfs almost all of the enemy combattants. Before the giants can even think of retaliation, the winter wolf is dead, two of the frost giants are fleeing, & to everyone’s shock, Drimgar has felled the massive giant leader with his holy bow. This leaves only the raging, deformed frost giant, who is taken care of quickly.

To the delight of the group, it is discovered that the giant leader’s armor and weapon are adamantine. While the party investigates the spoils, Icireal investigates the ornate double doors leading back to the room with rows of ice sculptures. To her surprise, the doors become insubstantial to her, allowing her to pass like they’re not even there. She passes the time destroying one of the ice sculptures, revealing a porcelain doll within. She brings it back to the group, at which point Aten comes to the conclusion that the dolls and the chains are the key to finding the torc.

Icireal passes through the door again to obtain more dolls. Meanwhile, the rest of the party find the doors impassable. Despite the room showing an aura of significant abjuration, they attempt to teleport out of the room, only to be violently thrown back into the room. Concluding that the door just isn’t an option, the party follows the route taken by the fleeing giants, leaving Icireal alone to continue obtaining dolls.

The party passes through the remnants of the giant’s temporary camp inside the Tear, and then assume gaseous form to fly through an arrow slit and back up to the necropolis. Reuniting with Icireal, the group then heads back to the throne with the chains, using Sind’s axe to cut loose enough for each party member.

On returning to the witch clock in the necropolis, Aten demonstrates his theory by using the chain to create a ring around the doll, causing him to abruptly vanish. As the clock begins to come alive once again, and the golems begin to stir, each party member quickly follows suit, appearing in an enclosed room with a single misty window that shows the necropolis. Also on display is a throne with an ice sculpture of a woman, a golden torc around its neck, and a large crystal ball situated in front of it.

Battle is quickly joined as an invisible assailant launches magical attack after magical attack on the group, with only Aten able to see the flying young-appearing woman near the room’s high ceiling. Sind lights the lantern of revealing and takes to the air, thanks to his celestial armor, removing the witch’s advantage. Drimgar is able to wound her, then Torgisl has an amazingly bout of luck, managing to ovepower her with a feeblemind spell. After that, though the fight continues briefly, she is finally brought down, though Aten recommends against killing her. Torgisl is struck by her last hex before she falls, leaving him exhausted but thankfully otherwise unharmed.

It is at this point that the witch’s familiar, a raven, reveals itself and explains that she is the daughter of Queen Elvanna, and that she is under a compulsion to protect the torc due to having slain the previous guardian (who is now just a scorch mark on the wall). Aten is able to suppress the baleful magics affecting the witch, and subsequent questioning verifies the information provided by the raven. The party retrieves the torc, placing it within their portable hole, and relieves the witch of all of her valuables save her ring of cold resistance (so she won’t die from the cold). They then knock her out and leave the room, much to the raven’s outrage. As they go, they discuss possible plans for having the torc hidden in one of the outer planes, probably by a servant of Sarenrae.



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