Varisia MN

Stuff Happens

People die.

The party sets up a modest camp inside one of the tombs in the necropolis. Aten, needing only two hours of sleep due to his magic ring, takes up the watch relatively shortly into the night. He sits reading, hearing the wind howl outside. But wait! Was that the howl of something else on the wind as well?

Before Aten really has time to worry about it, the group is attacked. The dread wraiths they had fled followed them, and were now attacking through the very walls. Though everyone is hurt in the initial attack, All that really does is wake everyone up. Unfortunately, due to their speed, the wraiths are able to rain blows down on Torgisl again before he is able to fully awaken, and there he remains, still on the floor for the rest of the battle.

Drimgar, using his holy bow and his amazing skills, destroys one wraith with a rain of arrows. Aten unleashes the power of his goddess, burning the undead. Icireal, her blows enhanced by her holy amulet, engages and destroys another. And Sind, his sword unleashing a telepathic battlecry, destroys yet another. Though the group sustains more injury, it isn’t long before the dread wraiths retreat back through the walls.

Drimgar immediately teleports to the top of the tomb, raining yet more holy arrows down on the undead. Icireal transports herself through the wall in pursuit. Sind, having no special means of leaving the tombs, takes out his adamantine axe and pries open the sealed tomb door. Aten enters the ethereal plane, only to discover another dozen dread wraiths lurking there.

By the time Sind gets the door open, Icireal and Drimgar have finished off the retreating spirits. On the ethereal plane, the wraiths attack Aten, but are quickly driven back by the holy power of Sarenrae. Once they have fled, Aten returns to the material world, concerned and perplexed by what he has seen.

Wounds are tended up, Torgisl is raised from the dead by Sarenrae’s power, and the party decides to lay low for the day to continue recovering. They full explore the necropolis, finding the lair of the insane giant they previously encountered. They find a flight of stairs leaving the necropolis for lower levels with signs of passage from that party destroyed by the devil and the lone, slightly built figure. They also find a partial collapse inside one of the tombs up against the cavern wall, revealing a hole in the ceiling that leads up 100 ft to another large cavern.

Icireal ascends to explore, finding a horde of treasure frozen into a large amount of ice. Also in the ice, however, is a massive, amorphous mass. Ignoring the treasure for the moment, she ascends another hole in this cavern’s ceiling, coming to the top of the Veil of Frozen Tears, right next to a slumbering dragon of absolutely massive size. Upon returning to the party, her description leads them to believe that the dragon is some sort of linnorm.

Once fully recuperated, the party explores down the long flight of steps. At the bottom are double doors that open easily. Beyond is a massive room filled with row upon row of ice statues of Baba Yaga, negative energy crackling betweem them. They see obvious signs of passage: one statue has been destroyed and there is a discarded pouch in the middle of the room.

Sind attempts to damage one statue with his axe, but finds it impervious to it. Icireal strikes the statue, causing minor damage to it. Aten then casts a minor healing spell on the statue, causing further minor damage, showing that positive energy can harm them.

Deciding that they would rather see what is beyond the double doors across the room, they use their magic to transport themselves beyond them. To everyone’s shock, and Sind’s apparent delight, the room beyond is full of equally shocked frost giants, and one huge, deformed giant of unknown sort. Icireal, the sole person not caught by surprise, immediately assumes gaseous form.

End of session.



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