Varisia MN

The Icy Necropolis

Things happen.

Having survived the witch clock, our heroes slowly make their way into the ice necropolis. As they seek out the giant figure spotted earlier, they stop to check some of the ice buildings along the way. The ice sealing the doors prove to be easily taken care of by Sind’s adamantine axe. Inside each of the buildings, they find long dead warriors laid out in honor.

It isn’t long before Sind finds the trail of the creature that was observing them. The party follows it into a small square, which contains a fountain. Despite the freezing cold, the fountain’s water remains liquid. Before they have much time to ponder this, a raging, misshapen frost giant attacks. Despite his near mindless, animalistic fury, the party proves itself quite capable of defeating him. To Sind’s delight, the giant is discovered to have a magical, flaming axe, which he keeps as a trophy.

The party checks out a few more buildings, finding more deceased warriors. It’s not long before a recent trail is found leading out of one of the ice buildings. Following it through the connected tombs, the party finds a flight of stairs leading out of the necropolis.

Reaching the bottom of the descending stairs, the party finds a room that appears to have been the scene of a relatively recent battle. A half dozen scorched skeletons little the floor, while the statue of an ogre stands facing the statue of a devil. While the rest of the party searches the room, Aten moves to examine the devil statue. Almost immediately, the statue comes to life & attacks.

Torgisl hampers the devil’s spell-like abilities with a spell while the rest engage. It’s a short, fierce battle which ends with the devil’s defeat. The party collects what valuables they can find, then Sind & Icireal scout ahead.

Beyond a door blocked by ice bars, they find a round room with a caged ball of crackling grey energy. Arrayed around the energy ball are a number of undead. Two of them spot Sind & unleash cones of cold that engulf Sind & Icireal, as well as the rest of the party at the end of the hall. The two adventurers retreat, and the party starts to plan their attack on the undead.



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