Aerodus Belrand

Priest, scholar, explorer


Aerodus is a young man in his early-twenties who looks to be of mixed Varisian and Taldan descent, but perhaps favoring the Varisian side. He has light olive skin, black hair and bright violet eyes. Usually he dresses in comfortable travelling clothes with a long, heavy scarf loosely tied around his shoulders. The scarf has been intricately woven in shades of purple, green, and orange while a handful of small stone amulets engraved with strange runes have been woven into it.

For those people he knows well sooner or later he relates the story of why he returned to Magnimar:

“I was born in the heart of Magnimar just moments after my parents had arrived in the city.

You see, my parents first met many years ago in Absalom shortly after they had joined the Pathfinder Society. My father had served as an Eagle Knight in his homeland of Andoran, but after a few years wished to see more of the world – or as he told me “to see the world while he was young” – and so he made his way to Absalom with grand ambitions.

He immediately sought out the Pathfinder Society and soon met my mother. She was a wanderer by nature and strangely enough had traveled from Varisia to Absalom entirely on a whim. They fell in love quickly and were wed before ever leaving the city. They spent several years travelling together across Avistan and lands beyond, but eventually they wished for a quieter life. My mother wanted me to be born in her homeland, so once their affairs were in order they set sail for Magnimar so they might find a place in Varisia to settle down.

They weathered the voyage from Absalom quite well, however the trip at sea was longer than planned and by the time they were to make port my birth was very close. Worse yet, powerful storms had just moved into the Varisian Gulf and a torrential rainstorm hovered over the city. Fortunately, my mother was a priestess of some power and so as my father worked with the captain to steer the ship to dock she called on magic to help guide the ship through the storm.

The docks were in chaos under the deluge and just as they were disembarking my birth was at hand. Quickly gathering their belongings they then rushed to the temple of Pharasma so that a midwife might help in delivery. My father always said that fate however must have had other ideas for they ran into numerous delays and detours due to one coincidence or another. They made it only ss far as the Seerspring Garden when my mother could not continue and that is where I was born. My father once told me she said when looking back she would have had it no other way.

Though I know this and many other stories of my mother, I never really knew her aside from a few cherished memories for she died mysteriously when I was still a very young boy. While growing up my father often told me tales of exciting adventures and the strange sights of distant lands. Perhaps in part because of that I owe him my “thirsty curiosity and adventurous feet” as he always called it. He certainly was the first person to agree to many childhood adventures with me and Emma to search out one of Magnimar’s many monuments… I still remember the legends he recounted of them.

In fact, he is the reason, or rather his death is the reason why I have finally returned to the city I have always called home."

Aerodus Belrand

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