Amaya Kaijitsu

Youngest of the Kaijitusu Line


4th level human expert


Amaya Kaijitsu was conceived out of wedlock by Lord Lonjiku Kaijitsu while he was in Cheliax on business. She had known of her lineage since she was a child, even if the rest of her family hadn’t. Eventually she left West Crown in Cheliax and made her way to Varisia. By the time she reached Sandpoint, she only had one family member left, Ameiko Kaijitso.

Amaya has since had time to get to know her older half-sister and to become familiar with Sandpoint. When Ameiko left Varisia to travel to far off Tian Xia, Amaya was left in charge of the family’s assets.

Amaya is a skilled glass blower, and greatly enjoys running the Sandpoint Glassworks. She is also a very beautiful woman, something she downplays as much as possible. Since Ameiko has left Sandpoint, Amaya has become the town’s most sought-after woman for marriage, a situation she is clearly not comfortable with.

Amaya Kaijitsu

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