Ameiko Kaijitsu

Bard, Noble, Possible Empress


Human 1st level aristocrat/ 3rd level bard/ 2nd rogue (rake)


Ameiko Kaijitsu is the daughter of Lonjiku & Atsuii Kaijitsu, the Kaijitsu family being one the the noble families that run the town of Sandpoint. Lonjiku was the first of the Kaijitsu line to live in Sandpoint, & he stablished the Sandpoint Glassworks.

The Kaijitsu family has a tumultuous history. In 4701, Lonjiku & Ameiko have a serious falling out, prompting the her to leave. In 4702, Atsuii dies under questionable circumstances, causing Ameiko to return to Sandpoint. Despite lack of proof, Ameiko’s half-brother Tsuto believes her father killed their mother, prompting the half-elf to leave Sandpoint.

At 16, Ameiko left town again & took up adventuring. This chapter of her life came to a horrific end in 4706 when her adventuring party was wiped out, save for the Varisian Sandru & herself. She retired, returned to Sandpoint & opened the Rusty Dragon. 4707 saw the murder of her father by Tsuto, who was in turn killed by adventurers when he tried to kidnap her for sacrifice to Lamashtu. However reluctantly, Ameiko assumed control of the Kaijitsu estate at this point.

A previously unknown half-sister, Amaya Kaijitsu, came to Sandpoint in 4709. In 4711, a band of adventurers found evidence that the Kaijitsus owned the long abandoned Brinewall Castle. Ameiko left to investigate, accompanied by the adventurers & her friends Sandru Vhiski, Shalelu Andosana & Koya Mvashti.

A couole of weeks later, Ameiko sent world to Sandpoint indicating she & her companions were traveling north in pursuit of a family heirloom. A few weeks after that, another message arrived. Ameiko put Amaya in charge of the family estate and said she & her companions were traveling to Tian Xia in pursuit of the Kaijitsu family’s heritage.

Ameiko’s current status is unknown.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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