Vengeance-Seeking Half-Elf Rogue


Lamia matriarch rogue


Ariana is an attractive young half-elf who approaches Korvosa’s new Field Marshal claiming to be an escapee from the Arkona dungeon. She also claims that she can lead him to damning documents that will, if revealed, tear down the noble house of Arkona & break their power in Korvosa.

She freely admits her desire is nothing more than revenge. She was a newcomer to the city & broke into the Arkona’s mansion, but was caught & subjected to torture just before Old Korvosa was quarantined. After some time, she was handed over to the Cerulean Society to hold onto, because the Arkonas wanted to clear out their dungeon for a special guest. During transit she was able to escape & has kept a low profile until opportunity presented itself to gain vengeance on those who held her.

Ariana actually accompanied the assault on the Arkona. She proved quite adept at finishing off downed opponents. During a quiet moment, she attempted to murder the priest of Sarenrae, Aten. What should have been a devastating attack proved ineffectual, no doubt due to the divine interference of the goddess. After being badly injured by Drimgar the dwarf’s arrow, Ariana fled into Old Korvosa. Her current location is unknown. It has also been revealed that Ariana is a lamia matriarch, rather than a half-elf.


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