Bod Owens

Oracle Who Communes with the Dead


10th level human oracle


Bod Owens has always been a strange lad, seemingly more at home in the Gray District than anywhere else in the city of Korvosa. The clergy of Pharasma gave the lad various menial tasks as the years went on, allowing him to stay in the temple. It wasn’t until the death of King Eodred II that the priests of Pharasma realized young Bod Owens had been chosen by the goddess for greater things.

Bod was one of the heroes who answered the call to come to Korvosa’s aid. He acquitted himself well during these troubled times, even acting as a go-between for the temple & the exiled seneschal. He is now honored as a chosen of Pharasma, though his place in the temple is somewhat undefined. He spends most of his time out in the Gray District, communing with the dead.

Bod Owens

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