Caius the Bastard

Retired Mercenary & Sword Instructor


15th level human fighter


Caius is the lone survivor of a band of mercenaries that had been hired by Magnimar to help protect against a giant invasion of the Varisian lowlands. After that ill-fated endeavor, he made his way to Riddleport, where he eventually joined a band of adventurers. He and Getmar are the only two survivors of this band, & each is half owner of the Gold Goblin.

After returning from wherever it was that their adventures had taken them, Caius opted to retire & leave Riddleport. Once a year, he returns to the city to make sure Getmar is still alive & to share a drink to remember the fallen.

He retired to Roderic’s Cove & opened a fighting school. He specializes in sword & shield fighting. Though somewhat eccentric, he is well regarded in the town, & anyone smart respects his skill at battle.

He appears to be on good terms with the elves of the Mierani Forest, occasionally receiving elven visitors when they are passing through the area.

Caius the Bastard

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