Darb Tuttle

Disgraced Former Archbanker of Korvosa


13th level human cleric


Archbanker Darb Tuttle served as the head of the temple of Abadar in Korvosa for years. He served the temple, & the city, with distinction. At least, up until shortly after Queen Ileosa took the Crimson Throne. Even as her rule became increasingly despotic, the temples of Abadar & Asmodeus both recognized the legitimacy of her rule.

Now that Ileosa has fallen, the people have been left feeling betrayed. Almost immediately, there were calls to put Archbanker Tuttle on trial for treason. No one cares what his reasons were for supporting Ileosa. They only remember the harm she & her Gray Maidens did to the city, and that the temple of Abadar did nothing to stop it save for Ishani Dhatri.

Wen Histani & other members of the faith were quick to step in, convince the Archbanker to step down, & begin the difficult process of reforging Korvosa’s faith in the Master of the First Vault.

Tuttle was not put on trial, & in fact has been sent away. Only the temple knows where he was sent to, but most believe he has left Varisia entirely.

Darb Tuttle

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