Crusading Ranger at Large


15th level human ranger


Getmar is a strange character who lives in Riddleport, much to the irritation of those who rule there. He is a crusader, attempting to elevate the moral character of the city. He largely tends to target those street criminals who would prey on drunk & unwary sailors, & as long as he largely doesn’t interfere with business, the rulers of Riddleport are content to leave him alone. Then there is also the fact that every assassination attempt has failed, & every assassin has ended up dead. Getmar has also been linked to the deaths of some notable members of Riddleport society, such as Saul Vancaskerkin & Clegg Zincher. People are also pretty sure he is incredibly wealthy.

Incongruously, Getmar is the last remaining owner of the casino the Gold Goblin. He has little to do with running it, leaving that to his employees. He spends most of his time either training animals (dogs being a favorite) or moving about the city. He frequently has his dog Bruno with him, and it isn’t unusual to see him riding his axebeak mount as well. He is a friend to the dwarven community in Riddleport, and appears to be on good terms with the elves of the Mierani Forest.

Lixy Parmenter, rumored to be a former lover of Getmar’s, manages the Gold Goblin.


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