Glorio Arkona

Noble & Rakshasa Crime Boss




As far as the public is concerned, Glorio is the head of the noble house of Arkona, known for his generosity to the poor. He also became known for restoring order to Old Korvosa during its quarantine. Glorio also organized a militia in Old Korvosa, which he led, along with his house guard, against the Gray Maidens who guarded the one remaining bridge to the mainland.

Somewhat less than public knowledge is that he controls the Cerulean Society, which in turn controls much of the crime in Korvosa.

What isn’t even known to the Cerulean Society or his own house guard is that he is a rakshasa, as are several members of the Arkona family. The heroes who overthrew Ileosa discovered this fact during theur various adventures.

Glorio had attempted to position himself to take the Crimson Throne once Ileosa was out of the picture, but somehow he was thwarted & now Cressida Kroft is queen. He isn’t sure how this happened, so for now, he plays the part of the nobleman concerned for the welfare of his city & its citizens.

When Glorio discovered that evidence of the Arkona’s criminal activities had been stolen from his mansion, he fled Korvosa before the city could issue a warrant for his arrest. He was last seen on a ship bound for Cheliax. It is not believed his sister was with him.

Two years later, Glorio returned as part of a plot to reclaim his place in Korvosan society. The plot didn’t go well, and the heroes of Korvosa finally put his threat to an end in the throne room of Castle Korvosa.

Glorio Arkona

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