Grau Soldado

Watch Sergeant in the Korvosan Guard


Human 2nd level rogue/ 6th level fighter


Grau is originally from Riddleport. After having moved to Korvosa, he became a student of Vencarlo Orisini, a relationship that ultimately ended badly.

Though he became a respected member of the Korvosan Guard, he has had problems with the drink off & on through the years. His most recent difficulty was when King Eodred II died & the city nearly lost its mind when Ileosa took the Crimson Throne. Fortunately, he got straightened out & he’s been sober since.

He remained loyal to Cressida Kroft throughout the rebellion against Ileosa.

As both a popular member of the Guard & a hero of the resistance, Grau became quite popular with the ladies. He eventually settled down & married Sendell Foxglove, a former minor noblewoman from Magnimar who’s family came into hard times. They have since had a happy life in Korvosa.

Grau Soldado

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