Ishani Dhatri

Idealistic Priest of Abadar


6th level human cleric


Ishani is viewed as a hero, of sorts, by the people of Korvosa. While it’s true that he was not part of the group that finally struck down Ileosa, he has come to be viewed as the common man standing for what is right.

Ishani was the only priest in the temple of Abadar to defy Archbanker Tuttle’s support of Ileosa. Not only did he turn his back on Tuttle, he actually went so far as to go to Castle Korvosa & challenge Ileosa. While it is true this ended with his torture & murder, he is admired for his courage & integrity.

Shortly after his return from the dead, Ishani found his station within the temple elevated. The new Archbanker has put him forth as the face of the temple, hoping to win back the trust of the Korvosan people.

Ishani Dhatri

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