Kellevan Ensorian

Surly & Strange Elf


14th level elf magus


By any odjective measure, Kellevan is a very strange elf. He rarely shares the details of his past, so to most it is a mystery, but the majority of those who meet him (elf or otherwise) agree that he must be one of the forlorn. Surly at best, with little concern for the arts or personal hygiene, with an uncharitable nature & a tendency to possibly drink too much, many agree he acts more like a thug half-orc than an elf. He does favor the company of elves, even if they don’t favor his. He is trained in magic & has a peculiar dance-like fighting style completely at odds with how he otherwise conducts himself.

Very shortly after helping to overthrow Ileosa, Kellevan left for the Mierani Forest. He has said he intends to return to Korvosa soon, but as an elf, who can say what soon means to him.

Kellevan Ensorian

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