Lord Valdur Bromathan IV

Head of the Noble House Bromathan & Priest of Sarenrae


Human 3rd level aristocrar/ 3rd level cleric


Valdur Bromathan IV is the current head of the noble house Bromathan. His leadership is somewhat contentious due to his breaking from family tradition & joining the priesthood of Sarenrae rather than joining the military.

Valdur had become the head of Korvosa’s modest but reasonably popular temple of Sarenrae, but chose to step down & offer the position of Dawnfather to Aten Hamadi. With everything Korvosa had been through, it had become impossible to split his attention between the temple & his house.

Despite his lack of military service, Valdur has proven himself brave in the face of danger, with a strong sense of justice.

Lord Valdur Bromathan IV

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