Queen Cressida Kroft

Queen of Korvosa


Human 10th level fighter/ 2nd level aristocrat


Cressida Kroft was born to privilege, but she was raised with a strong sense of duty. She started her service in the Korvosan Guard as a young woman. Her station allowed her to start as an officer, but it was a combination of dedication, competence & diplomacy that allowed her to eventually become Field Marshall Kroft.

More open-minded than most born to her class, she cultivated relationships across a broad range of Korvosa’s socioeconomic spectrum. She counts Vencarlo Orisini & Thousand Bones as her friends, among many others. She does not crave power, she simply does what she must to serve Korvosa & its people as best she can. It has been a difficult task. There have been others in positions of power & authority who have seen things differently than the Field Marshall, & who have worked against her.

It was her strong sense of duty to her city & her people that allowed her to finally decide enough was enough. No longer would she serve a murderous, petty tyrant. She would not stand by & allow Korvosa to be strangled by Ileosa’s iron grip. So she gathered her allies & began the resistance.

Now Ileosa is gone, removed from power & slain. And she was ready to do what needed doing to help Korvosa recover from months of violence & death. No one was more surprised than her, however, when she abruptly & inexplicably found herself crowned the new monarch of Korvosa. It was not what she wanted & she certainly didn’t ask for it, but it was done & she wasn’t going to waste the chance to make Korvosa a better place.

She has immediately set an agenda that many of the old guard are horrified by. Perhaps the worst thing she had done (in their minds) has been to open communications with the Shoanti tribes of the Cinderlands. She has also proven less open to the Order of the Nail’s free access to the city. She has the affection of the masses, both due to being the leader of the resistance & due to her relationship with the heroes who actually slew Ileosa. She knows she has much work to do, but she is ready to do it.

Queen Cressida Kroft

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