Sabina Merrin

Exiled Warrior


14th level human fighter


Sabina Merrin is a former student of Vencarlo Orisini, who left his school after a conflict involving the two of them as well as Grau Soldado left her with a scar on her cheek & Orisini minus two fingers. She joined the Guard & rapidly rose through the ranks, until she caught the eye of Ileosa. Ileosa made Sabina her bodyguard, and eventually her lover.

Initially happy to see Ileosa becoming such a forceful queen, it was only a few short months before Sabina saw how corrupt Ileosa had become. Her love for her city greater than her love for the queen, who had proven she’d never loved Sabina anyway, she turned on the queen. She aided the resistance against Ileosa & her Gray Maidens, hoping to find salvation in freeing Korvosa from the mad tyrant.

She has now been exiled to Fort Thorn in Bloodsworn Vale, so that she might continue to serve Korvosa & make amends for her deeds. Many feel her punishment is too lenient. Many would rather see her on the chopping block, awaiting the executioner’s axe. For now, she is allowed to continue to serve Korvosa’s interests, her service an act of penance.

Sabina Merrin

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