Timixtarel Edaradin

Wizard of Power But Somewhat Questionable Wisdom


16th level elf wizard (enchanter)


Timixtarel is originally from the Mierani Forest, and is one of the heroes that banded together in Sandpoint to ultimately thwart Karzoug’s return. Timixtarel, Tim for short, was a very talented wizard, who gained much power very quickly. He was also arrogant & lacked wisdom. Despite that, he was generous to the community & bravely put his life on the line to face the Runelord of Greed.

It is not generally known outside of Kyonin how Tim died. When his parents came to Sandpoint & Magnimar, they simply stated he died facing a great evil. They also said that his remains were beyond their reach.

Sandpoint owes Tim a great deal, and they honor his memory every year. Though there are some who wonder if he is truly dead. After all, no body was recovered, so questions remain.

Timixtarel Edaradin

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