Trinia Sabor

Pretty Young Bard & Painter


Human 9th level bard (court)/ 1st level duelist


Trinia Sabor is a young bard who specializes in comedy & satire. Perhaps not the best skill set if one is to be an adventurer. She is also a talented painter, so much so that King Eodred II asked her to paint his last portrait before he died.

This, of course, put her in the position of being framed for his murder. This led to her becoming a fugitive, being captured, being rescued from her execution, then back to being a fugitive again. After escaping from Korvosa, she joined a band of halflings & Varisians in investigating old Shoanti burial mounds. That was a short-lived endeavor.

She joined the heroes who saved Korvosa on their quest to find Serithtial, & fought alongside the resistance to overthrow Ileosa. Along the way, she has worked quite hard to improve her combat skills.

Now that Ileosa has fallen, Trinia is employed by the city to help restore the various pieces of art in Castle Korvosa that Ileosa defaced. She also trains regularly with Vencarlo Orisini, and their time together has caused romance to bloom rapidly, despite their age difference.

Trinia was wed to Vencarlo Orisini in late 4709.

Trinia Sabor

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