Vencarlo Orisini

Swordsman, Orator, Teacher


Human 5th level fighter/ 2nd level rogue/ 4th level duelist


Vencarlo has long been a fixture in Korvosa, specifically Old Korvosa. Many a nobleman, and more than a few Korvosan Guardsmen, owe what they know about the sword to him. He has taught swordsmanship for decades in his school in Old Korvosa. Despite being an open critic of the government for a long time, Vencarlo is one of the most connected people in Korvosa. He is also a gifted orator.

Dashing, heroic, bold, Vencarlo is a striking figure to the people of Korvosa. He is an expert with the sword, and a lover of women. Some have suggested that he might be the infamous Blackjack, a notion he laughingly dismisses. After all, during the revolt against Ileosa, both Vencarlo & Blackjack were seen fighting in the streets.

During Ileosa’s reign, Vencarlo’s school in Old Korvosa was burned to the ground, & his house was damaged as well. He has left Old Korvosa for the mainland for the moment. It remains to be seen what he will do next.

In 4709, Vencarlo returned to his house in Old Korvosa, repaired it, the began the difficult task of rebuilding his school. Later that year, he was wed to Trinia Sabor.

Vencarlo Orisini

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