Wen Histani

Archbanker of Abadar


10th level human cleric


Wen Histani was originally the Archbanker for the temple of Abadar in Magnimar. After Archbanker Tuttle supporting Ileosa’s claim to the Crimson Throne & her subsequent fall from power, the temple was left in a very poor place. The angry masses wanted to behead Tuttle as a traitor, very quickly requiring Archbanker Histani’s intervention.

After quietly retiring & sending away Archbanker Tuttle & some other high ranking members of the temple, Histani began the long process of regaining Korvosa’s trust. Ishani Dhatri, highly regarded by the people, was elevated in the temple to aid in this process. Some members of the temple in Magnimar were transferred to Korvosa, understandably causing some misgivings within the city. And ultimately, to better oversee things, Wen Histani herself transferred to Korvosa, turning over the temple in Magnimar to a new Archbanker.

Wen Histani

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