Tag: Pathfinder Society


  • Varghast Rhombodazzle

    A wandering gnome priest of Desna, Varghast joined the heroes that liberated Fort Rannick for a time. Eventually he returned to his wandering, travelling around Varisia & making periodic reports of his activities to the Pathfinder Society.

  • Aerodus Belrand

    Aerodus is a young man in his early-twenties who looks to be of mixed Varisian and Taldan descent, but perhaps favoring the Varisian side. He has light olive skin, black hair and bright violet eyes. Usually he dresses in comfortable travelling clothes …

  • Elfor

    Elfor is from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, born into an orc tribe from Kellid captives, apprenticed to the tribe's shaman due to his half-human intellect until his tribe was wiped about by a Kellid warband. He escaped into the wilderness and came to …