Zac Neulander

Eccentric Priest of Abadar


Human 2nd level monk/ 13th level cleric


Zac Neulander was transferred to the temple of Korvosa shortly after Ileosa’s fall. It wasn’t long before many stories started being told about the young priest. Some say he is a hero, stopping an invasion of giants from crushing Varisia. Some say he was one of the adventurers who found lost Xin-Shalast & came away from it fabulously wealthy. Others say he’s an odd priest of Abadar indeed, with no wit when it comes to business & who built an ostentatious temple to his god in the woods where there was no following.

Whatever the truth, it is clear he is devout. He assists in the managing of the public works projects the temple performs, starting with tearing down the statues of Ileosa that the mad queen had started.

Zac Neulander

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